Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company eligible to apply?

On Indian Side: All companies/mature start-ups incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (excluding sole entrepreneurs/sole proprietorships/partnership concerns), cooperatives and other agencies are eligible to apply on the Indian side, and your company should have a minimum of 51% Indian shareholders.

Example - Pvt. Ltd. Companies are eligible to apply however LLPs are not.

On Israeli Side:  All for-profit, R&D performing companies registered and operating in Israel are eligible to apply.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Applications will be evaluated for their scientific, technological, novelty, commercial and financial merits. The evaluation criteria include:

  • The soundness, scientific quality and technological merit.
  • The potential for wide application and the benefits expected to commercialize.
  • IP generation and novelty of the project.
  • The adequacy of the proposed effort.
  • The capability of the R&D institution(s) in the detailed project report.
  • The organizational and commercial capability of the enterprise including its internal accruals.
  • The reasonableness of the proposed cost and financing pattern.
  • Measurable objective, targets and milestones.
  • Track record of the project lead. The evaluation will also include on-site due diligence.

Will I4F support the entire project?

Applicants are eligible to receive funding of up to USD 2.5 Million per project (USD 1.25 Million on each side) or up to 50% of the project cost, whichever is lower.

Applicants are required to match the requested grant amount with their own resources.

Note: Selected R&D project participants will receive funding from TDB, on behalf of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, in India, and from Israel Innovation Authority in Israel respectively.

I am facing technical issues in submitting my application. What should I do?

Please recheck whether any of the mandatory fields (marked *) are left unfilled.

  1. We urge you to please submit your application ahead of the last week of closing as a surge of applications in the last week may cause a server overload.
  2. In case of any further issues, please write to Cdr Navneet Kaushik/Dr Jyotsana Dalal( on Indian side and Ms. Sarah Rozenberg ( on Israeli side along with a screenshot of the issue you’re facing. 

*TDB and IIA will not be liable for any submission related technical issues occurring in the last week of the close of the CFP.

Is it necessary to have a partnering company in the counterpart country?

Yes. Companies without an established partner in the counterpart companies are ineligible to apply.

What is the Project Funding Support?

Funding for R&D Project Participants in India:  DST-TDB will support a range of 0.25 Million USD to 1.25 Million USD per project or 50% of the Indian Project Cost whichever is lower.

Funding for R&D Project Participants in Israel: Innovation Authority will support a range of 0.25 Million USD to 1.25 Million USD per project or 50% of the Israeli Project Cost whichever is lower.

How to apply under I4F fund?

On Indian side: The Indian partner is required to submit the online I4F application forms to DST/TDB website. 

On Israeli Side: The Israeli partner is required to submit I4F application forms in accordance with the Israel Innovation Authority regulations, through the official Israel Innovation Authority websites online system.

Is I4F funding considered a loan or a grant?

The funding support provided by I4F is considered a “conditional grant”. That means that if the project succeeds and the product developed in the joint project generates income,  the project partners will be required to repay the grant in the form of royalties at a rate of no less than 2% and no more than 5% per year until the conditional grant is fully repaid. However, if the project fails for technological or commercial reasons, the funding support becomes a full grant that project partners do not have to repay.

What is the Exchange Rate?

Disbursements will be in local currencies. The applicant company is required to present its proposed project budget in local currency, i.e. Indian Rupee (INR) for the Indian company or Israeli New Shekel (ILS) for the Israeli company, AND in US dollars (USD).

The following exchange rates are to be considered:


   =     63.46     INR=     3.63     ILS

1 2